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Who are we?

About Couch & Firth, LLC

Founding attorneys Steven Couch and Joshua Firth were driven to establish Couch & Firth, LLC, with a focus on personal injury and small business law after identifying the need for a new kind of law firm in the Birmingham area. They felt called to practice law with a holistic focus. They wanted to help their clients build entire support systems to help them through difficult times, in addition to advocating for them in legal proceedings.

Unlike many litigators who focus on making money at all costs, Mr. Couch and Mr. Firth are committed to truly helping people and businesses at a time when they are struggling. They offer more than 30 years of combined experience in personal injury, business litigation and legal consulting, and insurance and bad faith claims.

To learn more about our lawyers' backgrounds, experience and accomplishments, please review their comprehensive profiles as well as their verdicts and settlements through the links above.

Couch & Firth, LLC - Mission Statement


This firm is dedicated to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.  This firm believes that we are all called to do this very thing.  As such, we represent individuals and families who have been wronged or find themselves involved in our legal system with no voice to represent their own interests.  Every person who comes into this firm as a client or perspective client has some brokenness in their lives--loss of a family member, loss of use of their own bodies, loss of self respect, dignity or a financial loss.  We will strive to minister to the needs of all these people; not simply in the arena of the legal process, but also in the area of life.  We strive also to provide only the best legal representation and to protect the rights of these individuals, families and ultimately our community at large. 

Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.  Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.  Isaiah 1:17

There is no greater honor than to be asked to speak on behalf of someone else.  We will accept, value and cherish this honor by showing each client and their family that they are appreciated.


No individual is an island unto themselves.  In this sense, this firm is dedicated to the idea that when any individual client hires this firm, that client hires the entire firm.  If any individual firm member needs help, then help will be freely given.  The work we do at this firm is done not only to serve our client and our community but also is the means by which we support our respective families at home.


We are a team.  Everyone at this firm is on that team and no one “rides the bench.”  No machine can operate effectively or efficiently if any part of that machine is not functioning.  Given this truth, we know and recognize that in order for this firm to operate effectively that it takes everyone doing their job and contributing to the representation of each and every individual client.  Our firm will be made up of exceptional individuals who are compassionate, caring and spiritually centered.  We recognize that each individual in our firm family possesses their own unique qualities and talents.  We will seek to advance and promote these individual talents along with encouraging continuing education and the growth of our firm members in an effort to not only make ourselves better persons, but also to make the provision of our legal services second-to-none for the benefit of our clients.


All our cases involve individuals.  Everyone has a name, they are not a number.  Each of our cases should and will be handled as if we are representing our own family or ourselves.  Each case will be prosecuted in a manner that we would each want our own cases handled.


Since any chain is only as strong as its weakest link, this firm will  endeavor to be involved in the lives of the individuals who make up this firm.  Through various firm activities, the members of this firm will seek to establish a firm-wide philosophy and priority which will be “Faith, Family, Firm.”  It is the hope of the founders of this firm that this “ladder” of priority will keep each and every member of this firm’s family centered, happy, engaged and committed to our firm’s mission.


We will measure this firm's success not by any amount of money that the firm can generate but rather by the quality of our relationships with each team member and with our clients.