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Business Litigation & Legal Consulting

Business Dispute? We Can Help.

As any business owner knows, business disputes can put a significant strain on a business. The time, expense and energy involved can threaten the company's bottom line, derail business goals and impact company morale. It can also affect the business's reputation within the industry and in the public eye. With our attorneys on your side, you'll know you are doing everything you can to protect your business and move through the dispute process, from initial notice and complaint to litigation, as efficiently as possible toward the most positive outcome.

At Couch & Firth, LLC, we represent businesses across all industries in a range of litigation and consulting matters, including:

  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Incorporation, filing, and legal compliance
  • Proactive, not reactive, litigation strategy
  • Business dissolutions
  • Contract drafting, disputes and enforcement
  • Trademark and intellectual property infringement
  • Employment disputes

Whether your company is a small start-up, or an established brand, our lawyers will step in, assess the situation and guide you to a resolution.

Contact Us For Legal Consulting

Litigation prep, strategy, and forward thinking are often pushed to the background for small to medium-sized businesses, who are then forced to respond "reactively" rather than "proactively" when faced with legal issues. This type of response is costly, time-consuming, and more often than not, negatively impacts small businesses or closely held corporations.

By engaging in face-to-face, customized legal strategy, planning, and preparation, clients can avert many of these negative impacts and avoid long-term disruptions to their businesses. The best way to be prepared for a business dispute is to have a solid litigation strategy in place before something happens. Our attorneys provide legal strategy and mapping services for small businesses, closely held corporations and entrepreneurs. To learn more about how we can help you create a proactive legal and litigation plan, contact our firm. We can help with:

  • Comprehensive legal strategy and mapping
  • Litigation preparation (in advance of an anticipated lawsuit)
  • Contract negotiations and review

Call 205-504-8899 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. Because we are business owners ourselves, we know how much is at stake. We will fully commit ourselves to protecting your company and preparing it for a future of success